About Us

If you eat, sleep and breathe sports, Playdude is the place for you. 

Playdude is a knowledge and skill-based predictions & fantasy sports platform.  

With a young and dynamic team of sports enthusiasts, we are a one stop destination for all sports addicts where you can apply your knowhow to real-time events and win big rewards. The actual performance of the players and teams in your chosen match is used to calculate the points earned by each team and translated to rewards.  

Our interactive content encourages both newbies and pros alike to indulge your fantasy of having your own sports teams and participate in your chosen events as more than just a spectator. 

So the next time someone asks you how your obsession with sports helps you in life, you can tell them about Playdude and brag about all your winnings. Introduce them to us, maybe?

Playdude is a  flagship brand of RS Game Zone Private Ltd with a mission to be one of India‚Äôs foremost and more trusted fan engagement platform.